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Working your way out of debt and onto a path of financial freedom is not just solved by earning more money. It starts with what was probably left out of that fancy degree you’re holding — a financial education.

Understanding how to pay yourself first, comfortably controlling your spending, and eventually making your money work for you are some basic foundations in financial education. These concepts are time-tested practices of wealthy people, and we'll make them relevant to you today. Our financial world is ruled by compound interest, so time is either your best friend or your worst enemy. Lets make it your friend.

For most married couples, talking about personal finances just doesn’t happen. It makes us uncomfortable, so we avoid it. Unfortunately, finances are listed as one of the top reasons for failed marriages. But we believe this doesn’t have to be the case.

Many couples feel they need to have a large portion of money to invest before they contact a financial advisor. But here at Arkenstone, we want to be with you from the start.

We have a fresh take on advising young couples. First, we help you get your personal finances on a firm footing. Then, we focus on investments. We facilitate a financial solution for your marriage that is customized to meet your needs and goals for your family.

Placing your marriage on the path to financial freedom can begin today. When you let us manage your finances, it lets you focus on what’s important — Your marriage.

Congratulations! You’re expecting a baby! Your life just changed overnight — and your little one has his/her whole life to look forward to. But the tough questions are beginning to arise. How will you support the newest member of your family? How much do you need to save for your child to go to college? Will your child attend private or public school? How does planning family vacations change?

The cost of college tuition has risen by 8% per year for the last 30 years. Eight percent! So you can’t just stuff your mattress full of hundred-dollar bills and expect everything to be fine in 18 years... You have to put your money to work!

Saving for your child’s education is tricky — but possible. You’re not alone, and there are several education-specific vehicles you can invest in. You take care of the dirty diapers. We’ll take care of your child’s college tuition.

Hitting the reset button — you might feel like you’re past the point of Getting Started financially, but you do think you could use a fresh start. Maybe your finances have gotten to the point where you just don’t know what to do any more. Perhaps you’ve always considered getting financial advice but you are worried about what others will think or you aren’t sure you have enough money to enlist the help of a financial professional. Well, that sounds like the perfect time to hit the "reset" button and get your finances working for you.

At Arkenstone Financial, we offer low-cost solutions that allow you access to advice, coaching, and technology to allow you to put your money to work for you. We also offer discretion. We can meet via internet video call, phone call, or in person. We know asking for help isn’t always easy, so we make it simple to get you the assistance you desire.

You’re in a season of life that allows to you focus on growing your net worth, retirement and progress towards future goals. You’re already in good financial standing, but you want to ensure you finish strong.

The only way to hit your target is to know where to aim. So our first action is to develop a financial plan custom-fit to your current situation and future goals. Once we clearly define your goals, we make thoughtful investment suggestions based on where you are now and where you’d like to be tomorrow.

We cater your investment portfolio to your goals, personality, and outlook on risk. In an uncertain market atmosphere like our current one, we have investment models like our All Terrain Portfolio™ that works to mitigate risk while capturing growth.

Wait just a minute before you flip the autopilot button to the “on” position. Have you properly dialed in the coordinates to your destination? That is, have you created a financial plan that puts you on the path to achieving your goals?

The most important part of your last financial step is clearly identifying your goals and assessing whether you have the means to achieve the goals. Your clearly defined financial plan will help us put your retirement funds in an appropriate portfolio for you future goals. After that, feel free to switch to autopilot. We’ll take it from there.

Solving the 401(k) Crisis

Because of additional fees from big insurance, many people may be retiring with an average of 30% less money than they could have. As an independent advisor, we cut out the middle man. Find out how working with Arkenstone Financial could be worth it for you.

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